Stars of Empathy

Stars of Empathy

Stars of Empathy

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Stars of Empathy

Stars of Empathy is highly regarded among professionals and parents as an effective tool to help children express their inner world.

Unlock the power of emotional intelligence with Stars of Empathy. Nurture empathy, self-awareness and social skills through our engaging and educational game.

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An authentic & fun game!

"Through this game, children develop empathy, cooperation, trust and engagement."

Feel loved, seen and appreciated

We all want to be happy and yet we pay much more attention to the outside world than to our inner world. Escaping our inner world has never been easier with predictive technologies at our fingertips.
However, the most crucial information to thrive is within us. Emotions and feelings are great information providers. They might indicate a call to action, a boudary that is crossed or a feeling of excitement.
We all want to be heard, seen and appreciated, but first we need to hear ourselves.
Stars of Empathy helps children to see & hear themselves and others.
Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

The importance of emotional intelligence for children.

As young children develop, their early emotional
experiences literally become embedded in the
architecture of their brains.